A 45-year old identified as Stephen Barreintez from Arizona has been slapped in the face by instant karma. Barreintez is currently in the hospital and is being treated for serious injuries after he crashed his truck, as reported by dailyjournal.net.

Barreintez made the wrong decisions in life

According to investigators, Barreintez robbed a southeast Missouri Bank and made an escape in his truck but crashed it in a college campus and sustained critical life threatening injuries in the process.

If and when he recuperates, and if convicted of his serious felony criminal charges, Barreintez could be spending the remainder of his days behind bars. He faces robbery and armed criminal action theft charges. His bond has been set at $50,000.

The bank that he looted has been named by authorities as First Bank in Farmington in Northeast Missouri. The robbery itself occurred on Monday last week. It was not clear how much money Barrientez had gotten away with.

A couple of police officers then spotted a truck that fit the description later that day, they testified that the vehicle was speeding when it crashed and overturned. The entrapped alleged criminal had to be airlifted to a Hospital in St. Louis. Officers recovered the stolen cash and a hand gun from the truck.

Truck Accident laws – Missouri

In recent years, the number of truck accident on the roads of America has multiplied. There are many contributing factors which has led to this exponential rise in truck accidents but the pre-dominant reason is that the number of trucks and trucking companies in America and Missouri in specific is at an all-time high and this number is going up at a staggering pace.

Therefore, inevitably, the number of accidents involving trucks is more simply because there are a lot more trucks on the roads these days. According to expert St. Louis truck accident attorneys, there are several other reasons for this new, undesirable trend across the nation. Do not worry, there is a strong defense against this trend. The mighty and notable accident lawyers on USAttorneys.com are fighting every day to act as a stalwart against these sloppy and selfish drivers.

Trucks are large, heavy, and are often carrying heavy payloads, all this makes it hard to control, trucks take longer to stop and hence they are more prone to accidents. Another reason is that trucking companies are in the business for the money, a lot of times they are negligent in how they maintain their vehicles, hire truck drivers, etc. and all this adds to a recipe for disaster.

Why appointing a truck accident attorney is a good idea

Another problem with truck accidents is the fact that they are very seldom non-serious, considering the sheer size and weights of some of the rigs on the roads these days, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out why accidents involving these heavy machines tend to be of a more serious and devastating nature.

If you or anyone you know is victims of a truck accident, it would be in your best interest to consult a qualified and experienced Missouri truck accident attorney to help you receive finances for economic and non-economic damages that you have incurred as a result of a negligent driver or a badly maintained rig.