Ten vehicles were damaged during a truck accident that happened just outside of Atlanta on Brook Hollow Parkway in Norcross, Georgia. 

Man is permanently injured after truck falls on his car

The crash began when the 18 wheeler truck was approaching the area where Jimmy Carter Boulevard and Brook Hollow Parkway meet early in the morning. The large tractor trailer suddenly went off the edge of an embankment and came to a rest just before a section of gasoline pumps nearby. 

As a result of this incident, eight vehicles parked in the area and two others stopped at a red light were all damaged. One of the victims who was stopped at a red light is a 42 year old male who must now deal with serious injuries. His ribs, back, spleen, and knee were all damaged, and he had to be forcefully extracted from his car due to the impact that crushed the vehicle’s entire frame. He is currently undergoing treatment at Gwinnett Medical Center and is barely able to move. His father went to the accident scene afterward and commented that he is surprised that his son is still alive, because his car was trapped underneath another vehicle and entirely crushed. 

The local news network shared photos of the scene on social media. The victim’s car was totally destroyed and only a twisted metal frame is recognizable. 

The hospital plans on allowing the victim to return home in the days after the accident, but he will require constant care from two assistants. The family was asking for donations from friends and family to help cover the costs. 

The police charged the truck driver with speeding, having an unsecured load, and following too close to other vehicles. The logbook for the driver showed that he was not supposed to be driving at all that morning. 

Lawsuits after permanent injuries

When accidents result in permanent or long lasting injuries, the defendant can be made to pay for medical care and treatment through a civil lawsuit. Things like an inability to work or function normally can all be factored into a plaintiff’s case for damages. The costs of the assistants that will be necessary to help the victim can also become part of the damages that the plaintiff’s attorney argues for in front of a jury. 

Violations of relevant laws and regulations

This case also involves violations of traffic laws and regulations for truck drivers. This is significant in a lawsuit because all of these issues can be used to help prove negligent behavior by the business that owns the truck as well as the driver. Such mistakes are extremely beneficial to the plaintiff. They will not decide the outcome of the case, but the case will weigh strongly in the victim’s favor with such evidence available. 

In a situation like this that will reflect poorly on the defendant, the trucking company may choose to settle the case without a trial. A settlement agreement will usually pay for most of the plaintiff’s medical costs, yet still save the defendant’s business additional legal costs and attorney’s fees. 

Talk to a local lawyer

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