A commercial truck accident occurred last week in Newton, NC that required the operator of it to be airlifted from the accident scene. N.C. Highway Patrol Sgt. Bobby Lineberger said that the trucker was traveling up Grace Church Road and preparing to make a right turn on to Plateau Road when its load shifted and pulled the vehicle off of the two-lane roadway [Source: Hickory Record]. The truck driver suffered a broken left arm and was airlifted to the hospital for “precautionary measures.” The driver’s son was in the vehicle at the time of the incident and only sustained minor injuries. He refused medical treatment.


The source reported that neither of the two occupants of the truck were wearing their seatbelts at the time of the accident.


While we are thankful that these two individuals survived what could have been a much more serious accident, it does shed light on the hazards drivers are exposed to who work in the trucking industry. Aside from that, the incident also brought to light another issue that the sergeant of the N.C. Highway Patrol intends to fix. Apparently, the intersection in which the trucker was trying to make a right turn at is known for having several accidents occur there. Lineberger said that there have been several occasions where commercial vehicles have rolled at this same intersection and it is time something is done about it.

The sergeant of the highway patrol has teamed up with North Carolina DOT to get a sign posted that would prevent commercial vehicles from making a right turn at the intersection. Hopefully, with truckers unable to turn at that specific location, fewer rollover accidents will occur.


How can a trucker prevent a rollover accident?


While weather conditions and roadway designs both play a significant role in some of the rollover accidents that have occurred, there are plenty of instances where truckers could have prevented an accident but didn’t take the appropriate steps to do so. With nearly 500 rollover accidents occurring each year, it is important to acknowledge the steps that can be taken to avoid engaging in one of these types of accidents [Source: aig.com].

All you have to do is remember the acronym B.U.C.K., according to aig.com. Below we will break down what each letter stands for.


  • Be alert- A good trucker operator is always alert and attentive to the road.

    With almost 500 rollover accidents occurring annually, truckers need to be cognizant of many things while driving including the weight of their load.

  • Understand the hazards- Hazards are all around us while we are driving, and you need to be aware of what these are. For instance, if there are high winds present, then you will need to drive with caution, slow your speed, and consider pulling off if you feel your truck being pulled too much to one side.
  • Check your truck- One of the jobs a trucker has is to inspect their vehicle prior to taking off. Be sure you check your load to ensure it is secured and that there is nothing on your vehicle that could potentially fall off and injure another driver.
  • Know your load- This is very important as many truck collisions occur because the load inside the truck shifted. You need to be aware of how heavy the load is and how is it is strapped down so that you can accordingly.


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