Truck drivers are not only expected to undergo thorough training and licensing before getting their job, they are also expected to stick to extremely strict regulations once they have their CDL. If a truck driver fails to follow these laws, they can be legally penalized and forced to pay damages to the victims who suffered due to their irresponsibility.

One such instance in which a truck driver can be called in for negligence is if they fail to follow integral traffic rules, such as checking their blind spots. All vehicles have blind spots, but the blind spot of a truck is much bigger than that of a regular vehicle. If a trucker fails to properly check their blind spots before merging or turning in Ashburn, VA, they can cause serious harm to themselves and those who are sharing the road with them.

If a driver was hit by a truck driver who did not check their blind spots properly, they should call a truck accident attorney as soon as possible to help them file a claim. To file a successful claim, they will need enough evidence to prove that it was the truck driver who behaved in a negligent manner by forgetting to check their blind spots.

Once the court has been convinced, they will grant a person damages to cover any financial losses they suffered due to the collision.

How big are the blind spots of a truck?

Since trucks can weigh so much and are usually more than 13 feet tall and 80 feet long, they require a lot more space to operate properly and stop securely on the road. There are four major no-zones around a truck that drivers of smaller vehicles should avoid at all costs, they are: directly in front of a truck, the area by the driver’s door to half-way down the trailer, the entire right side of a truck, and the area directly behind the truck.

All drivers should always try their best to remain outside these areas when sharing the road with one of these massive vehicles. Truck drivers are trained to operate their vehicle despite having these blind spots and in many cases, truck accident investigations uncover that the collision was the fault of the truck driver or the trucking company in one way or the other. Anyone who gets into a truck accident should call a legal representative to start the investigation to see who was at fault and how much they are eligible to claim to help them pay for their damages.

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