Yuma, AZ- An accident involving a large commercial truck can turn a person’s life upside down, leaving them unsure what to do and where to turn. Truck accident victims have many questions about their injuries, what is in store for their future

What are my legal rights?

Under Arizona’s personal injury laws, you have the right to seek compensation for your financial losses associated with your injuries and property damage. If a loved one was killed, you can pursue compensation via a wrongful death suit. At USAttorneys we strongly recommend you speak with a truck accident lawyer in Arizona to discuss what forms of compensation you are entitle to for injuries.

What are the different types of compensation I may be entitled to?

Victims of truck accidents in Arizona can seek compensation for their medical bills, rehabilitation costs and damage to their property. Those who have lost a loved one are eligible for compensation for their medical and funeral expenses, their loss of companionship and their loss of financial support if the deceased was a primary caregiver. Victims who are maimed or permanently disabled may be entitled to compensation for their present and future medical expenses, costs of their rehabilitation, special equipment, and compensation for their long–term care and loss of financial support. Exactly how much compensation each truck accident victim receives depends on the severity of their injuries, the overall effects of those injuries, and home many work hours they miss.

If I’m partly to blame, can I still pursue compensation?

Yes. You can still seek compensation for a truck accident even if you played a role in an accident. The state of Arizona has a comparative negligence standard. Under that standard, if two parties are partially liable for an accident, the amount of compensation a victim receives is reduced by their level of liability. For example, let’s say a truck driver takes their eyes off the road and looks down to read a text. At the same time a pedestrian is attempting to cross the street, but they aren’t in a crosswalk. The pedestrian is then struck and seriously injured. The accident is partly their fault because they weren’t using a crosswalk. When it comes to determining liability, the truck driver would be considered more negligent than the pedestrian and could be assigned, for example 80 percent of the blame. That would then mean the pedestrian was 20 percent liable and their compensation would be reduced by that percentage.

Do I need an Arizona truck accident attorney?

This is a question just about every accident victim asks. Fact is, if an accident was very minor, then the victim doesn’t really need an attorney. However, if an accident was serious, the victims should at least consult with a truck accident lawyer in Yuma to discuss their injuries and if they should pursue a personal injury or wrongful death suit. Even if they aren’t interested in taking their case to court, an attorney will give them an advantage when negotiating for a truck accident settlement.

These questions just scratch the surface of the questions you may have in the aftermath of your truck accident. If you want outstanding representation, allow USAttorneys to connect you with the Bowen and Smith Law Firm in Yuma to assist you with your truck accident claim.