Snohomish County, WA – One of the most important safety regulations for a truck is what kind of cargo or other materials can be transported. Some trucking companies have to routinely deal with fuel, chemicals, and various other flammable and hazardous substances. Vehicles that travel on highways within the state of Washington need to meet certain requirements to carry these items legally. If there is an accident, the company that owns the truck will likely have to pay a substantial amount to fix any problems that they caused. 

Requirements for trucks with hazardous materials

The truck will need to have a special hazardous materials endorsement, which also means that the driver has completed the required relevant training. The state imposes additional requirements on radioactive materials and waste, as these need to be personally inspected before transportation.  

In order to receive the proper endorsements before delivery, the company that operates the truck should fill out an application with the Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission. 

Incidents and accidents on the roads

The main reason for special requirements related to hazardous materials is to avoid accidents and other incidents that may compromise public safety. A special cleanup crew will usually need to be called to the scene after a truck carrying hazardous materials has had a spill or an accident. This can come at a great expense, and the company will need special high risk insurance where the provider is aware of the types of materials being transported. Proper insurance coverage is always required on trucks and vehicles used for commercial purposes. 

Compensation after an incident

When any kind of truck or commercial vehicle causes injuries and property damage, the parent company will be liable for paying for any losses that are associated with the collision. This can include the costs of repairs, medical treatment, pain and suffering of the victims, and even funeral and burial costs if there are fatalities. 

In order to receive compensation, each accident victim should contact their attorney and file a civil negligence lawsuit. This type of case argues that the driver or their employer breached the relevant standard of care and caused various kinds of harm. The actions do not have to be intentional. This type of lawsuit also allows the victim to ask for sufficient compensation to cover all of their damages or losses. If the person was seriously hurt, it is possible that the company may owe them thousands or millions of dollars for long term medical care and lost wages. 

Finding out more during a meeting with a lawyer is a legal directory that can be used after a truck accident or to solve many other problems. There are listings of licensed attorneys in Snohomish County, Washington and all states around the country.  

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