There are several reasons why people suffer from depression. A person might be experiencing personal problems in their life (i.e. losing their job or getting divorced) that leads to them suffering from the disease or they may have been diagnosed with it after sustaining a serious or debilitating injury in a truck collision.  Regardless of what factors cause a person to suffer from depression, the mood disorder can interfere with a person’s ability to “feel, think, and handle daily activities such as sleeping, eating, or working” [Source: National Institute of Mental Health(NIMH)].

Now, the NIMH says that in order for a person to be diagnosed with depression, symptoms must be present for at least two weeks. In the event you were recently diagnosed with the mood disorder after suffering a serious or catastrophic injury in a truck accident, you are going to want to consult with an attorney who can decide whether your condition permits you to recover compensation.


Top reasons why you should consult with a truck accident attorney after being diagnosed with depression following the occurrence of a truck accident.


There are attorneys that are hired to help individuals deal with various legal matters (i.e. criminal charges, business agreements, etc.) and then there are those that help victims of car, truck, and motorcycle accidents recover compensation for the damages they suffered in an accident. While many people assume they don’t need to hire a lawyer following a crash, the truth is, an attorney who is skilled in accident law can help you collect more compensation than you would likely receive if you were to just accept what your insurer had to offer.


Depression can have devastating effects on your life and livelihood and its time you let a truck crash attorney in Tucson help you recoup the compensation you deserve.


If you suffered serious or catastrophic injuries as a result of the truck collision, you might not only be struggling with chronic pain, but also depression. WebMD says that “when pain lingers for weeks to months, it can disturb your sleep, your ability to exercise and be active, your relationships, and your productivity at work.” In turn, this can cause you to feel “sad, isolated, and depressed.” When a victim of a truck collision chooses to pursue the liable party for compensation for depression, they generally request in their lawsuit that they be awarded money for mental anguish.


How much can I recover for mental anguish (i.e. depression)?


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Mental anguish is a type of damage awarded in many personal injury cases. It is often one of the more difficult types of damages to value unlike medical bills or lost wages. If you are interested in finding out just how much you might be able to collect for the mental anguish you are experiencing, you should contact a Tucson, AZ truck accident lawyer. Attorneys, especially those can connect you with, can help you determine what would be a fair amount to ask for after assessing your injuries and they can increase your chances of winning your case.


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