As part of the New York City metro area, Suffolk County is no stranger to traffic and automobile accidents. This part of Long Island has a number of trucks that travel through in order to transport items across the local highways. Many of these goods go into, or come back from from the city every day. Unfortunately, this volume of business means that accidents and damage caused by trucking problems are also common. When trucks turn over in the middle of a highway and block oncoming traffic, there is the potential for multiple car pileups and other serious forms of damage.

Truck overturns and spills debris onto Sunrise Highway

Suffolk County police responded to the scene of an overturned truck on Sunrise Highway at County Line Road near South Oaks Hospital. Apparently, the truck had been driving westbound earlier that afternoon when the driver had to take evasive maneuvers to avoid an ambulance. The truck ended up on the opposite side of the road going into oncoming traffic when it tipped over and spilled the contents of the trailer all over the highway. Four other vehicles were involved in the crash with the overturned truck and the debris. Both the truck driver and the driver of one of the other vehicles were taken to nearby hospitals with injuries that did not appear to be life threatening. The roads in the area remained closed for almost an entire day as members of various local police and fire departments responded to help clean the debris and reopen the road. Suffolk Police do not think there was any criminal activity that caused or contributed to the accident and no arrests were made.

What legal options are available to the other drivers?

The law generally provides a way for those injured due to the fault of others to receive justice through negligence cases. New York has its own negligence laws just like every other state and these particular laws affect the way that damages are paid out to victims. New York is considered a pure comparative negligence state. Comparative negligence simply means that fault in any accident will be divided between the parties involved to equal one hundred percent. This means that any level of contributing fault by a plaintiff will not prevent them from recovering money totally, but it may reduce their damage award. There are also no fault laws in place within the state, which means that anyone involved in an accident can make claims for coverage related to their medical expenses and missed time from work.

Most lawyers who deal with truck accidents and related personal injury issues know how to look for a number of indicators of fault. Drivers can be tired, impaired by drugs or alcohol, or working outside of approved times for transportation workers. Some businesses negligently hire drivers who have a history of incidents in including license suspensions, and these people are considered dangerous on the roads. An investigation by your lawyer will uncover all of this information and more.

Contact a lawyer regarding an accident in Suffolk County

If you think you may be entitled to compensation in Suffolk County or other nearby parts of Long Island, legal help is available. Joseph Perrini III specializes in personal injury cases involving automobile accidents and related state law matters. He can provide a detailed plan of action after speaking with your about your case.