Albuquerque, NM- Thanksgiving is just a few days away and a record number of Americans will be traveling to be with their friends and family. The American Automobile Association estimates that 46 million people will travel over the Thanksgiving holiday, which runs from November 26th to November 30th, and many will be traveling by car.

Because so many people take to the roads over the long Thanksgiving holiday, the chances of being involved in a fatal or injurious car or truck accident increases. Drunken driving is also a major concern and is the leading cause of traffic accidents during the holiday season beginning with Thanksgiving and ending with New Years.

Since tractor-trailers and car must share the road the American Trucking Association has some safety tips for the millions of passenger vehicle motorists who must share the road with the tractor-trailers and commercial trucks.

“This is a season where many professional drivers, including the ones that delivered an estimated 46 million turkeys for Thanksgiving, are away from home, so in addition to sharing the road safely, make sure you give them a little extra thought and thanks as you travel this year,” ATA President and CEO Bill Graves said in statement.

Buckle up: Wearing a seat-belt reduces the chances of a motorists suffering a fatal injury by 45 percent so motorists should make all passengers are buckled up. This simple step could save lives.

Watch your speed: With increased traffic, speeding becomes even more dangerous. Motorists should leave early

Leave plenty of room to stop: Be mindful of the distance between you and a commercial truck or other motorist to ensure you have enough room to stop if traffic slows or comes to an abrupt halt.

Know where you’re going: The ATA says that many accidents occur when motorists change lanes unexpectedly so the commercial driver’s association recommends motorists remember their exit number before they get on the road.

Pay attention to truck blind spots: The ATA says that if you can’t see a truck driver in the mirror, they can’t see you either. Staying out of a trucks blind spot can save you from a serious truck accident.

Don’t cut large trucks off: A commercial truck is not only large but it is very heaving, meaning it takes a longer distance for a truck to stop so don’t cut too close in front of them, the driver may not be able to stop in time to avoid a collision.

Even if you are traveling with safety utmost in your mind, accidents cannot be avoided altogether. Sadly there are many irresponsible motorists and truck drivers out there. If your holiday has been marred by a careless truck driver, know that you have a course of action you can pursue to recover their accident-related costs.

If your or a loved one had been hurt, a New Mexico truck accident attorney can assist you with your injury claim and assure you receive a generous settlement for your pain and suffering.