While anyone can file suit against a trucker, you must meet certain criteria to do so.


Indiana truck accident lawyers

Interstates are where some of the worst accidents happen. If you are the victim of a truck accident that occurred on I-70, you may be entitled to recover compensation from the other party involved.

Driving on the interstate has proven to be convenient, yet risky. With vehicles sometimes permitted to travel as fast as 75 mph on an interstate, there is plenty of room for an accident to occur as drivers often travel above the posted speed limit and engage in behavior that deters their attention from the road or is outright reckless. Unfortunately, many of the collisions that transpire on the interstate result in those involved suffering critical and sometimes fatal injuries.

Back in April, Courier & Press reported on a crash that transpired in Indiana on Interstate 64, west of Ferdinand. Apparently, the driver of a passenger vehicle who had been heading east crossed over the median into the westbound lanes near mile marker 60 and collided into a 2016 Freightliner semi-truck. The driver of the passenger vehicle died on impact. As for the trucker, he did not suffer any injuries but was taken to an area hospital for standard alcohol and drug testing. Anytime the operator of a commercial truck is involved in a truck accident, it is expected that they undergo a drug and alcohol test.

While on the topic of interstate accidents, did you know that since 2017, there have been a total of 1,098 collisions that have occurred on I-70 between mile marker 1 and 59 in Indiana? Among the total number of accidents, 220 resulted in injury and 11 in death [Source: WIBQ]. Although some of the collisions can be attributed to distracted and/or careless motorists, others were caused by truck drivers who failed to exercise the level of caution and care that is not only expected of them but is required.

If you were involved in an accident with a truck on Interstate 70 in IN and sustained injuries or a loved one of yours was killed in a collision with a commercial truck, you may be entitled to recover a significant amount of compensation for all the losses you have suffered.


What are the criteria for filing a lawsuit against a truck driver in Indiana who caused an accident?


truck accident lawyers in Indiana

If you want to know what your injuries are worth, contact a truck accident attorney in Indiana.

If the truck driver violated one or more rules or regulations that resulted in a collision transpiring, he or she can be held liable for the crash. Essentially, when a trucker fails to follow traffic laws and other rules that specifically apply to him or her, their behavior is considered to be negligent. And when a person is involved in an accident with a negligent truck driver, they are permitted to file a personal injury lawsuit against them and even the company they are employed with in an effort to recover compensation.

Now, before assuming you have a legitimate case on your hands, you should first consult with an Indiana truck accident lawyer. The attorneys at Henn Haworth Cummings + Page can assess your incident along with the injuries you suffered and determine whether filing a lawsuit is in your best interest. The legal experts at this firm can also provide you with an estimate as to how much your case might be worth. If you are ready to speak with an attorney in your area now, contact this firm at 888-884-0041.



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