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According to an Alabama Department of Public Safety report, 4,544 truck accidents occurred in just 2008 alone on roadways and highways. Of these accidents, 771 individuals suffered injuries while 93 lost their lives. Truck accidents are so common in Alabama that statistics show one truck accident takes place every two hours with two people suffering truck accident-related injuries each and every day.

These types of accidents can be caused by several factors, including mechanical errors with the trucks themselves or weather-related conditions. However, the majority of Alabama truck accidents are the result of the driver’s negligence. Truck drivers tend to work long shifts and have strict deadlines to adhere to. As a result, they tend to speed in order to arrive at their destinations on time, break countless traffic laws in order to surpass other drivers or street lights, and sometimes even fall asleep behind the wheel.

Whatever the reason behind the truck accident, anytime a large commercial vehicle such as a semi, tractor-trailer, fuel truck, or dump truck is involved in a crash with another car, motorcycle or pedestrian, the results are catastrophic. Most truck accident victims in Alabama sustain serious and life-threatening injuries, including broken bones, neck and disc injuries, burns, and paralysis. Medical bills for victims can be extremely costly, but that doesn’t mean victims have to suffer through the emotionally-charged aftermath of a truck accident. Help is available right now to anyone who has been hit by a truck or lost a loved one because of a truck driver or truck company’s negligence with an Alabama truck accident lawyer.

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