The highway can be a dangerous place at the best of times, so making it more dangerous generally isn’t a great idea. However, that’s what two men did recently, and the end result was one of them getting killed. Fox5 Atlanta reports that two Alabama men, one from Decatur and one from Madison County, were in the same car traveling southbound on Interstate 75. As they approached Wade Green road, one man, Duane Taffe, jumped out the passenger side door. It’s not known at this time why he did this. The driver, Sheldon Taffe, who was Duane’s cousin, pulled the car over down the road.

As Sheldon got out of his car, he could see his cousin lying in the road. Sheldon got to him before he faced any danger, pulled him to his feet, and started moving him off the road. At this point, Duane started fighting with his cousin. Eventually, Duane broke free and started running north down the highway. According to police, not long after he was hit by a tractor-trailer going in the opposite direction, and died almost immediately. 56-year-old Andrew Morrell was identified as the driver of the tractor trailer. He claims to have been trying to avoid Duane when the collision occurred. The police agreed, and no charges are pending.  The accident occurred just before 3 am, but luckily the road was unblocked in time for morning commuter traffic.

Tractor Trailers and other large vehicles are the most dangerous pieces of machinery on the road. Not only are they the largest, but they are also more difficult to maneuver. It’s not surprising that Mr. Taffe was struck by a truck and not a car or a motorcycle. While there would have certainly been the risk of hitting one of those vehicles, they are much better at avoiding obstacles on the road.

While this situation involved a man putting himself in harm’s way, there are many cases of trucks and other large vehicles striking pedestrians, cyclists, or runners. In some of those cases it is the fault of the person who gets hit, but with large vehicles, there is simply no room for error. Even a glancing glow can cause critical injuries or death. It’s important when you’re walking, cycling, or exercising to be mindful of your surroundings when crossing the street.

Sometimes, however, an accident occurs that is not the fault of the person who is hit. This person is a victim and may be entitled to damages or other compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other factors that have had a negative impact on their lives. Truck accident cases, like any traffic accident case, can be complicated. That’s why personal injury lawyers exist. They are there to investigate the situation, determine who’s at fault, and then devise a strategy for a successful resolution. They do all this while working to protect the rights of the victim at all time. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, contact an attorney right away.