Orangeburg, SC- A truck accident can cause a great deal of damage, often leaving victims suffering serious injuries. That is because tractor-trailers, semis, tankers and other commercial trucks are so big and heavy. In the wake of a major truck crash, may truck accident victims ask: Do I need a truck accident attorney to help with my claim?

Broken bones, spinal injuries and head trauma are among the more common injuries suffered by truck accident victims (and car accident victims). Their injuries can lead to surgeries, an extended hospital stay and rehabilitation. In the worst cases, a truck accident victim can become incapacitated, disabled or maimed. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the estimated costs of truck accidents in the U.S. is estimated at to be an average of $87 million dollars and year, and he bulk of those costs are associated with medical care and a victim needs someone on their side who understands the true value of their injury claim.

Our team of truck accident lawyers in Orangeburg, South Carolina regularly work with accident victims, so they can anticipate the overall costs of an accident victim’s injuries. To ensure, you receive the settlement amount you truly deserve, USAttorneys’ team of personal injury lawyers will thoroughly examine the circumstances of your accident and pursue every type of compensation are appropriate in your case. They are ready to face off with an insurance company and can speak on your behalf.

All accident victims, with some exceptions, are eligible for monetary damages to cover their financial losses due to property repair costs and medical expenses. And most accident victims are eligible for emotional damages to compensate them for the pain and mental anguish. Some accident victims are eligible for punitive damages. Point being, an attorney can easily determine why types of compensation you may be eligible for following your truck crash.

Truck accidents are often complicated matters with a number factors at play. So, figuring out the cause and who is responsible for one of these collisions requires someone with who can skillfully analyze all available evidence. They will look at the cause from all angles and determine if driver error, mechanical failure, a defective part or other negligent actions led to a major truck accident. By identifying and holding all parties accountable, you can maximize the settlement you ultimately receive.

Truck drivers who are injured on the job should be speak with a workers’ compensation attorney in the South Carolina. You may be required to go through entirely different channels to resolve your personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Our team of professional and sympathetic truck accident lawyers in South Carolina know where to look for evidence, know how to interpret it and understand the true cost of your injuries. That body of knowledge allows them to recover generous settlements and judgements on behalf of the victims they represent. Let USAttorneys connect you with legal counsel to give you the answers you desperately need and put your worried mind at ease. Set up a consultation today.