It has been confirmed that two people have died and one seriously injured after two separate accidents occurred on US highway 1 near St. Johns County, as reported by

In the first incident, the vehicles involved in the crash according to the Florida Highway Patrol, were a Toyota Camry and a Ford F150. As per witness reports, the Camry rear ended the Ford F150 while both motor vehicles were travelling in a northerly direction on US Highway 1 near gun club drive in St. Johns County. According to police reports, the collision occurred at around 10 pm on Friday night.

The rear end collision supposedly sent the Ford F150 skidding off the road and into a pit of the right edge of the roadway. As soon as the truck hit the pit, it went flipping over a fence which ran across the perimeter of St. Augustine Airport. The tumbling of the truck ejected both occupants of the truck, a male driver and female passenger. They were both officially declared dead by emergency medical technicians that arrived on the scene.

The deceased have been identified as Nathaniel Davis and Leslie Davis.

The Camry which rear ended the Ford, skid into the same ditch but did not flip over as it was travelling at lower speeds. There was only one person in the Camry who escaped unscathed.

Investigations are currently underway to comprehend what exactly caused the collision; the driver of the Camry is being interrogated and subjected to extensive sobriety testing. Investigators are not sure whether the two persons that were ejected from the Ford F150 were wearing seat belts or not. It does not look like they were.

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The second accident on US 1

A second car crash also occurred on Friday night in the area and it happened on US Highway 1 as well. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the second accident occurred over ten miles south of where the first accident took place.

One person sustained critical injuries in this case and had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment.

Senior passes away 48 hours after crash with train

An elderly gentlemen from Crestview identified as 85-year old Roger Eugene Anderson has succumbed to his injuries 48 hours after being involved in an accident, according to

According to police reports, Anderson drove out of Mossy Head Auto Parts and failed to check the rail road before attempting to cross it. He instead was smashed right in the middle of the railway tracks. The oncoming train was unable to stop and ended up striking Anderson’s car.

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