Drowsy truck drivers cause thirteen percent of commercial truck accidents in the U.S.

Ramsey, MN-A tragic collision, involving a firetruck, in Minnesota over the weekend left two firefighters dead, and now police are charging a fellow firefighter for their deaths, but why are they charging him?

CBS Minnesota reports that the accident occurred on Saturday on Interstate 35W in Blaine. According to reports, the 28-year-old man driving the firetruck began traveling into the center median, slamming into divider cables and overturning.  ABC News reports that firetruck rolled over several times, and the cab became separated from the box part of the truck.

One witness told ABC that the fire truck swerved out of the lane they were traveling in at least three times and corrected before veering to the right into the center median.

Many experts say drowsy drivers exhibit many of the same signs as drunk drivers including slowed motor functions and impaired judgment.

When police arrived at the scene of the crash around 3 p.m., the man driving the fire truck was reportedly combative and appeared to be intoxicated police said. Later, the driver admitted to smoking marijuana the day of the crash and said he only slept 45 minutes the night before. He told investigators that the probably fell asleep at the wheel and admitted to using cocaine two days before the collision, according to ABC News.

On Monday, police charged the man with two counts of vehicular homicide and he was arrested.

There were six firefighters on the truck all of which were headed to Utah to help fight wildfires raging in Box Canyon just outside Salt Lake City.

This accident involves a driver that was not just possibly impaired but was also fatigued. Alone, either of those driving habits can cause a deadly or injurious collision, and together they Impaired driving occurs in the trucking industry, but the number of accidents tied to fatigued outnumbers collisions resulting from impaired truck drivers. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration estimates fatigued or drowsy driving cause 13 percent of fatal truck accidents in the U.S.

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