When truck drivers make mistakes, they can cause a lot of problems for other drivers nearby on the roads. In some situations, their mistakes can even lead to injuries and death. If a truck driver does harm you, suing their employer is the best way to receive compensation for your losses. 

The Mississippi Highway Patrol responded to the scene of an accident where an 18 wheeler turned over on a highway

Truck turns over and spills concrete all over the highway

The crash occurred at about 3 am on the Interstate 55 south and Interstate 20 west interchange in Jackson. Police believe that the cause of the accident was a large truck that failed to complete a turn properly around a curve and turned over. 

The truck was carrying a large cargo of concrete culver that spilled in the area and left debris all over the road. Crews were working to clear the area at the time of the news report, but they were expected to remain and have the area blocked for several hours. 

One unidentified driver was taken to a hospital to be treated for injuries, but there was no word on whether anyone else was hurt in the area. A more thorough investigation was still pending at the time of the news report. 

Liability for trucking accidents

Regardless of who the individual driver is, the company that owns the truck and profits off of its labor will be sued. There is a doctrine in the civil law that makes all employers responsible for the actions of their workers during their normal job duties. The reasoning behind these laws is that businesses who profit from certain kinds of activities should also have to pay for losses when they make mistakes.

If you have been hurt by a truck driver, your attorney will normally attach the driver’s employer as a defendant in the lawsuit in addition to the individual employee at fault. The employer or business will likely end up paying out any damages because they have business insurance or other forms of coverage in most cases. 

Discussing your accident case

When you first meet with an attorney, it is important to provide them with as much specific information as possible, including evidence in the form of accident reports or medical records. This documentation will become an important part of your case and can be used to support any arguments your lawyer has to make regarding the value of your losses. 

Speak with a local lawyer in Mississippi

There are attorneys in Mississippi who handle accident lawsuits in Jackson and nearby areas. To get more information about possible remedies or schedule an in person meeting, contact:

Williams Newman Williams PLLC 

129B South President Street, Jackson, MS 39201 



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