Cedar Rapids, IA – There are a number of issues that are relevant to the process of suing a truck driver and their parent company. It is important for accident victims to get legal advice and follow any instructions carefully, as these lawsuits can become more complex than standard motor vehicle crash cases. The truck driver and the parent company will normally both be attached as defendants. There may also be additional issues created by the fact that many of these businesses operate in multiple states around the country. 

The defendants

A business is generally liable for the negligence of its employees while they are engaged in their normal job duties. This means that the company can be sued as long as the driver was not deviating from their normal driving route or engaged in activities that had nothing to do with their job. In most cases, the parent company will be liable for the driver’s actions.  

Responsibilities of the parent business

The parent company may also be found negligent for not doing things like conducting background checks or ensuring that the driver possessed all of the proper licensing requirements. A driver who is operating a truck for any kind of shipping or transportation business needs to have a valid and active CDL. If they did not at the time they were driving, this can be evidence of negligence on the part of both the driver and their employer. Criminal background checks are usually necessary as well to ensure that the driver has not engaged in behavior that will compromise their commercial driving privileges.  

Most companies also have policies related to the use of mobile phones and similar devices. Drivers are not supposed to be distracted with phones, otherwise they may receive traffic citations and this failure can be used as evidence of negligence. 

Transportation regulations for driving hours

The federal government has developed guidelines related to the number of hours that a person can be driving their vehicle throughout the course of the day. They may be allowed to perform other work during the day after reaching these limits, but they can no longer drive until a certain period of time has elapsed. Violations of these rules can become evidence of negligence in a civil lawsuit, and it may also result in the driver of business being fined for ignoring important regulations.  

Learning more about accident lawsuits

Anyone who has been involved in an accident should speak with an injury lawyer to explore their options and protect their rights. Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is an experienced group of attorneys that helps local clients in the Cedar Rapids area. 

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