Understanding the Law is Essential

Broward County, Florida (October 10th, 2015): Service related or mechanical failures in integral truck systems cause a lot of truck accidents in Florida and across the country on a regular basis. The common perception of such malfunction related truck accidents is that it is unpreventable and unpredictable. However, a closer look at trucking laws and an investigation of malfunction related truck accidents reveal that this is not the case at all.

In fact, malfunction related trucking accidents are caused due to negligence and complacency in service and repair related operations. Tried and tested trucking mechanical systems don’t just fail out of the blue. These systems are built with scientific reasoning and they are also subjected to rigorous testing. You do not need a one of a kind Broward County, FL truck accident lawyer to have to inform you of this.

So the question is – who is liable for a truck accident that occurs as a result of a mechanical failure or malfunction? In fact, a lot of people who fall victims to such accidents are often under the impression that there isn’t much they can do except for wait on their auto insurers to take care of the damages, and that auto insurers only pay a certain percentage of the damages and do not pay for all of it.

Therefore, the victim, you, ends up having to pay for something that wasn’t their fault at all, something that someone else needs to be paying for. Knowledge is power – it does not have to be this way.

If you or anyone you know has been impacted by such an accident, it is of important that you get in touch with an experienced Broward County, FL truck accident lawyer right away. Just one consultation with a competent attorney is all it takes to determine liability issues and the amount you could receive as compensation for damages.

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Who will pay for a malfunction based truck accident?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. It depends on a few things and may vary from case to case, according to Florida truck accident attorneys. When it is determined that there was an inherent problem with a certain part of the truck, like a manufacturing defect, the truck manufacturing company can be held liable for damages. You could be eligible for worker’s compensation as well. Find out how on this poignant website: http://workers-compensation.usattorneys.com/florida/.

Similarly, truck parts are no exception to the laws of physics and are subject to some wear and tear. There is a whole set of extensive trucking laws that mandate service and repair qualities. If a truck accident occurs as a result of a worn out truck part, it is almost certainly due to a lack of inspection and service.

In such cases, service logs and other service related documentation may be investigated and the service team responsible for the smooth operation of the truck as a whole unit and its parts as individual units can and should be held responsible and made to pay for their carelessness and complacency.

In cases where the trucking company hires the services of another contract company to provide such maintenance and service related services, the third part contract company is responsible for the accident and the subsequent damages to everyone involved. In other cases, where the service team or department is an integral part of the trucking company, the trucking company can be held responsible.

This is where a Broward County FL truck accident lawyer comes into the picture.