Truck accidents continue to plague Florida’s roads and highways with a 70-year-old Greenville man the latest to be seriously injured in a crash involving a semi-truck, as reported by According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Roy W. Floyd, the senior citizen drifted into the southbound lane on State Road 53 right into the path of semi-truck.

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The truck driver made an effort to swerve and avoid an accident but landed of colliding with Floyd’s vehicle and then crashed into a tree north of NW Diving Bird Loop. The semi-truck driver from Mayo, John D. Williams, 36, was treated at Madison County Hospital for minor injuries while Floyd, who was seriously injured, had to be rushed to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. He was cited with failure to maintain lane by the FHP.

Two Tallahassee teens slapped with vehicular manslaughter following fatal DUI crash

According to, two teens have been charged in the vehicular death of 14 year old Ansley Rayborn of Tallahassee. The latter was a Chiles High Student who was riding in the Chevy Tahoe with the two teenagers and several others which crashed into a ditch in Leon County.

The two teens, Cody Elkins and Hunter Goodwin, both 16, have several charges filed against them. They will both need Tallahassee truck accident attorneys to make sure the law is not smashed too hard against them. Elkins has been charged with manslaughter and tampering with evidence while Goodwin has been charged with felony murder of the third degree and vehicular homicide. He has also been charges with grand auto theft.

Cody Elkins and Hunter Goodwin should have stayed at home and watched a baseball game or read a book.

Hunter Goodwin – not the most intelligent person around

According to police reports, Rayborn was ejected from the Tahoe carrying 7 teens when it crashed into a ditch on Old Chemonie Road, Investigating officer found drug paraphernalia and liquor bottles strewn all over the site of the accident. Witnesses reported that Goodwin who was driving the truck drank alcohol and smoked marijuana late into the night before the crash. The fatal DUI crash and Rayborn’s death has many people in the Tallahassee community worried about the problem of drinking and drug use, which poses a deadly threat when combined with driving.

Hire a Tallahassee truck accident attorney

If you or a loved one is a victim of a truck accident, you ought to consider seeking counsel from an experienced Florida truck accident attorney. Your attorney will help you file a lawsuit and receive fair compensation for your losses. Truck accident laws are complex and require the expertise of an attorney to navigate the legal system and handle claims.

In most cases, claims are filed against the trucking company who are often negligent when it comes to maintaining their vehicles and meeting Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations.

Truck accidents involve a number of parties that includes the trucking company and the driver. Very often they deny fault or liability, which is why you need a Tallahassee truck accident lawyer to investigate, collect evidence, and establish the other person’s liability for your crash. This will strengthen your claim and make sure you receive adequate compensation from the appropriate parties involved.