7 things you must do immediately after a truck accident in Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ – In 2020, 108 Arizona residents were killed in a truck accident, while another 2,500 people were injured in a collision involving at least one large commercial vehicle. This is not surprising considering that Arizona has some of the most dangerous roads in the country, including Interstate 10 which goes from Phoenix all the way to California.

Unlike ordinary drivers, commercial drivers are trained on what to do should they be involved in a crash. Their number one mission is to limit the damages their employer’s insurer will have to pay. Also, they have a team of attorneys ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice. This is probably the most important thing anyone involved in this type of crash should do, reach out to experienced Phoenix truck accident lawyers and get legal help.

However, there are other things you can do immediately after a truck accident.

Get to safety

Your safety should be your number one priority. If you’re able to move unassisted, get out of your car and out of the road. It is your duty to offer assistance to anyone who might need it if you can. However, it is not recommended to try to move someone who may have sustained spine injuries as this may make matters worse. Leave it to the emergency medical team.

Always call the police after a truck accident

If the accident occurred inside city limits, you must call the local police. If you’re on the highway, you must call the Highway Patrol. Or simply call 911 and they’ll deal with it.

Document the scene of the truck accident

Ideally, this should be done before the vehicles are moved to the side of the road. Take pictures of all the vehicles involved and of the damage to each one. If you have visible injuries, take pictures of those as well.

Don’t confront the truck driver

When tensions are high that’s never a smart thing to do. Also, in the heat of the moment, you might say something you’ll come to regret. If you let it slip you may be even minimally to blame for the crash, be sure the trucker will report back to his employer and their lawyers.

What you should do is observe the trucker, looking for signs of fatigue or intoxication. If the trucker has been driving for more than 11 hours in one shift, your lawyers may be able to build a case against the trucking company as well. Or, if the trucker was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you may be able to seek punitive damages later on.

Notify your insurance company

Most standard policies require you to notify your insurer of the accident as soon as possible. If the insurance company representing the trucker or his employer reaches out to you, do not offer them any details, much less a recorded statement. 

Talk to a lawyer

If you don’t know an attorney, now would be a good time to look up the best Phoenix accident lawyers. You can speak freely with your lawyers. They’re on your side.

Seek medical attention soon after a truck accident

If you’re going to file a personal injury claim, you need to present proof you were injured in the truck accident. The sooner you see a doctor, the better. If you’re worried about the medical bills, talk to your attorneys. They’ll explain how the recovery process works and, if need be, they may refer you to a doctor willing to treat you and wait for payment until you win damages. The same goes for the attorneys. Most accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, so you don’t owe them anything until and unless they win the case for you. 

Source: Arizona Motor Vehicle Crash Facts 2020 

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