It’s only February and Wyoming has already seen two highway fatalities this year. KCWY 13 reported that a recent truck collision occurred in Wyoming, leaving one of the driver’s involved, dead. On January 22, a semi-truck was traveling on US 14 and attempted to pull into a parking lot of a closed business to make a U-turn. Unfortunately, the driver wasn’t able to pull all the way through because of snow that was present in the parking lot so he began to back up with assistance provided by the passenger that was traveling with him. After he was able to successfully back out of the lot, he pulled away heading westbound on US 14.

As the combination unit began heading back onto the roadway, that is when 28-year-old Simon Augedahl of Cody came up from behind in his 1998 GMC pickup truck. He ended up rear-ending the truck and was pronounced dead on scene. The source failed to report what could have potentially caused Augedahl to slam into the back of the semi but they did highlight that he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt and that no criminal charges were pending. This might indicate that Augedahl was partaking in distracted driving and was the cause of his own accident.

The truth is, many of the fatal accidents that occur on Wyoming roadways can be prevented and many lives could be saved if we just would avoid engaging in risky behavior that makes driving dangerous. Read on below to find out what these risky behaviors are.


Types of Behavior You Should Avoid While Driving


Aside from looking at your cell phone, the car next to you, or at the passenger traveling with you, there are a few other behaviors you might want to avoid that not only make other drivers frustrated, but also put you at risk of engaging in an accident. Both semi-truck drivers as well all other motorists can both help make driving safer for everyone is they avoid doing the following:


  1. Stopping in the middle of the highway. It is never a good idea to stop in the middle of the highway if you are having car trouble or were involved in a truck accident. If possible, move your vehicle off to the right side and out of the way of all other traffic.


  1. Trying to catch a glimpse of another accident or to see why a state highway patrol officer has pulled someone over is only going to distract you from your own driving. Rather than looking off to the side to scope out what’s happening, keep your eyes on the road ahead.


  1. Don’t drive slow in the left lane. As you know, the left lane is used for those drivers who like to travel at the set speed limit, and even faster. If you aren’t going to keep up with the traffic in the left lane, and by that, we are not advising you to speed or go over the legal limit, it is in your best interest to stay in the middle or right lane around vehicles who are traveling around the same speed as you.

    If you aren’t able to keep up with the traffic in the left lane, be sure to drive your car or truck in the far right lane with the slower moving traffic to help prevent an accident.


  1. Merge into highway traffic rather than use the on-ramp lane to catch speed. The on-ramp was designed to help drivers catch speed so that they are able to keep up with the other traffic that is already moving fast. Not only is it frustrating, but it is extremely dangerous for you to merge into traffic upon entering the highway at a slow speed rather than using the designated on-ramp to help you reach the same speed everyone else is going before merging over.

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If you or someone you know was hurt in a truck collision in Wyoming or they lost their lives as a result of the incident, please contact Victims and survivors of family members who were killed in a truck accident are often entitled to compensation and we can connect you with the right type of truck accident attorney in Wyoming who can get you what you deserve.