An accident between a motorcycle and pickup truck that occurred in Northern Las Vegas last week has claimed the life of the motorcyclist, a 26 year old named Nicholas Ordonez, a resident of Las Vegas., as reported by

A pickup truck was travelling in a westerly direction on Carey Avenue when it attempted to make a left hand turn onto Rancho Drive and collided with the motorcyclist who was on his motorbike travelling in an easterly direction. Las Vegas truck accident lawyers are not impressed by this type of driving at all.

According to North Las Vegas Police authorities, the crash caused serious blunt force trauma injuries to Ordonez. Responding emergency workers rushed him to University Medical Center for treatment but he was pronounced dead by healthcare professionals the very next day.

The driver of the pickup is fortunate to have escaped with minor, non-life threatening injuries. He has been described in reports as a 44 year old man. He did not leave the scene of the accident and is cooperating with investigators. No charges have been pressed against the truck driver, at least not yet.

According to investigators, Ordonez may have been travelling at an unsafe speed which could have been a major contributing factor to the accident.

Teen from North Vegas that was killed in truck accident identified by authorities

17 year old Daniel Benavidez, a resident of North Las Vegas, has been identified as the decedent in the case by the Clark County Coroner’s Office. The accident site has been described by investigators as the intersection between Commerce Street and Casa Del Norte Drive, according to a report.

Emergency medical technicians that were dispatched to the scene transported the teenager to University Medical Center, where he succumbed to his injuries shortly after being admitted into the intensive care unit. Supposedly, Benavidez was attempting to cross the street when he was fatally struck by a truck.

Residents of the area complained that the accident site was a ticking time bomb and unsafe to cross. There was no marked zebra line crossing area either. But what does this have to do with looking both ways before you cross?

The truck driver stayed back at the scene of the accident and is cooperating with law enforcement authorities and investigators. The cause of the accident hasn’t yet been established. However, the truck tires were not standard and this may lead to the trucking company/driver being cited in the accident. But this has very little to do with hitting someone.

Las Vegas, NV truck accident attorneys will be all over this case but this appears to not be the truck driver’s fault, certainly not an ironclad case.

Truck accident legislation in Nevada

According to Las Vegas truck accident lawyers who can be found right here, truck accidents kill thousands all across the country every year and these fatalities keep on increasing with time. To add to the misery of the victims and their families, these negligent trucking companies deny liability even though they know all too well that they were responsible for the accident.

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