A strange, yet saddening accident occurred a few days back involving a cattle truck and several cows. The incident occurred in Riverdale, Utah, only about 30 minutes away from Salt Lake City. The Utah Department of Public Safety commented on the matter stating that the crash occurred on the southbound ramp from I-15 to eastbound I-84 in Riverdale. The speed limit on this stretch of road is set at 45 mph for trucks, however, Fox 13 Now pointed out that the trucker may have been going much faster than that.

When the trucker proceeded onto the ramp, the “load of cattle shifted and the semi rolled.” As a result, approximately 25 cows fell from the overpass and photos from the scene of the accident show several cows lying on the ground. Although it hasn’t been determined how many cows died, it can be assumed that if they did survive, they likely were injured severely from such a high fall. While the truck accident held traffic up quite a bit, no individuals were injured.


Why do truck drivers need to take into account the speed limits that are set for them?


Large trucks and buses are encouraged to not exceed the speed limit as that increases their risk of flipping over when turning.

Speed limits are set at different rates on different roadways for various reasons. It helps keep the roadways under control and prohibits drivers from exceeding a limit that could potentially increase the chances of an accident occurring. While the average motorist is required to follow the speed limits that are currently set, so are truck drivers. Sometimes, truckers are subjected to different speeds as they are much heavier and risk flipping when traveling or turning too fast. In most cases, a truck driver is required to travel at speeds much slower than the limits that are set for passenger vehicles.

To help you understand why it is vital for truckers to maintain their speed and even go slower when driving on ramps, exits, and other roadways that curve and turn, here is one fact that supports this. According to the Tennessee State Government, trucks take much longer to stop than a car. “A car traveling at 55 mph can stop in 240 feet, however, a truck traveling at the same speed of 55 mph takes about 450 feet or more to stop.” That is nearly twice the amount of time it takes a car to stop.


Victims of truck accidents should consider seeking legal advice from a Salt Lake City truck accident lawyer.


Here’s why.


Did you know that “in crashes involving large trucks, the occupants of a car, usually the driver, sustain 75% of the fatalities?” And those who are lucky enough to survive the crash generally require immediate medical attention and possibly even surgery. Being the victim of a truck accident likely results in costly medical bills and a changed life.

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