They say that lightning doesn’t strike twice, but it appears as if trucks can. According to the Journal Gazette, on May 16th, on interstate 69 by Fort Wayne, a tractor trailer lost control and swerved off the road and into a ditch. This section of the highway was under construction at the time, but no construction workers were on site at the time. Someone finally notified emergency services about the crash at 645, however, it was apparent to the Sheriff’s Department that the accident probably happened at least 45 minutes before. No witnesses have stepped forward.

The rig was transporting 2 trailers full of paint. The driver ended up being pinned down inside the cab, which was why he was unable to call for help. After he was extricated, he was immediately transported to the hospital with serious injuries. He was not identified by the Sheriff’s Department. Traffic was snarled until after 10:30 am.

The interesting thing about this incident is that it was the second time within a week that a truck had gone off the road at this exact same spot. Another truck ended up falling off the overpass and slamming into supports in the construction zone. This one also happened at a similar time, at 5:30 am. The northbound lanes ended up being closed until 11 am. The driver ended up in the hospital in critical condition.

In neither case is the cause of the accident known. Since they both happened at the same time and in the same location, it may be something about that spot itself that makes it dangerous. It was a construction zone at the time, and construction zones can pose a risk at the best of times. Officials are reminding all drivers, not just truckers, to keep an eye out for warning signs, and to obey them at all times of the day.

Officials also examined the overpass to see if it was still structurally sound. It passed the test and was reopened to the public along with the lanes of the I-69. There were some questions about how to proceed with the construction project after the damage, but those questions seem to have been answered since the project continued after the investigation.

Truck accidents have the potential to cause a massive amount of damage. As well, victims caught in truck accidents have a high likelihood of being seriously hurt or killed. Luckily there was no one working at the construction site at the time, and because of the early morning, there weren’t too many other vehicles on the road.

If anyone other than the drivers of these truck accidents was injured, it would have been smart for them to retain the services of a truck accident attorney. A good attorney with a talented team can investigate the accident, assess what compensation you might be owed, and fight to protect your rights. Whether it’s your insurance company playing hard ball, or a negligent party, an attorney will work to get the outcome that you deserve.