Authorities have identified the US soldier that was killed in a truck accident on the 6th of July as 24-year old Jason D. Kane from Maine. Kane succumbed to his injuries which he sustained after he was ejected from the back of a pickup truck in Bell County.

According to, investigators have confirmed that the second person who was injured in the crash was also a US Soldier who has been identified as 22-year old Joshua Moore. Moore is said to have sustained life threatening injuries and is currently being treated Scott & White Hospital and remains in a critical condition.

Kane and Moore were both based at Fort Hood.

The accident occurred in the 1900 block of Maxdale Road in Killeen. Investigators revealed that four people were boar hunting on a property on Maxdale Road and then left in a pickup truck. The driver and another person sat in the front cabin with Moore and Kane at the back. Once the truck arrived at its destination, the driver and the front passenger realized that the two in the back were missing and drove back. They found the two and transported them to Baylor Scott and White hospital in the same truck.

All four were in the military. Kane’s identity was initially withheld, and then released to the public after his family was notified.

Trucking laws in Texas

It is unfortunate but true that the number of fatal truck accidents on the roads of Texas has sky rocketed in recent times. There are several reasons for this sudden spike in trucking accidents, according to Texarkana TX truck accident attorneys. To begin with, the number of trucks that operate on the roads of Texas has almost doubled in just a few years.

This is because of oil shale development that has helped lower oil prices for all Americans allowing Americans to have more money for other things. This has created jobs for thousands of Americans who would rather not obtain a college degree and perhaps not even have a job after they graduate. Oil shale development has also hurt America’s enemy Iran and finally given America some competition against Saudi Arabia. There are some small side effects though. For example: some trucking companies to make some errors though in maintaining their trucks, hiring and training qualified truck drivers, and so on.

Any truck driver that drives sloppily and hurts someone or even worse kills them should be held accountable. Possibly their employer as well.

Lots of momentum

Trucks are large vehicles which require expertise and skill to safely maneuver and additionally, these trucks carry heavy payloads which make it even harder to control these vehicles and brake efficiently. The fact that these vehicles are gigantic and heavy also contributes to the fact that most truck accidents end in fatalities or at least cause serious injuries.

Due to the sheer size of these vehicles it is almost always the other vehicle and its occupants that suffer the worse fate. The truck and the truck driver seldom suffer damages or injuries and even if they do, it is usually very negligible or minor.

Trucking companies are required by law to ensure that they maintain their trucks to acceptable standards. They also need to maintain a journey logbook and ensure that their drivers are all qualified and certified. Often, driver fatigue leads to accidents. Anyone who is involved in an accident ought to seek assistance from an experienced Texarkana TX truck accident attorney and expose the negligence of the trucking company and sue them successfully. This lawyer can be found on the smoking hot legal website