Two cyclists were killed in separate accidents in Queens, New York. In the first accident, an 82 year old cyclist died after crashing his bike without having worn his helmet. According to, the cause of his death has been listed as upper head trauma caused by an accident.

The accident occurred in the upper west side near W. 79th St. The decedent has been identified as Ben Jone. Investigators are not sure as to how exactly the accident happened and are still trying to determine how Jone fell off his bike.

Truck accident with a bike

Only four hours later, on the same day, a 61 year old bicyclist was killed after he ploughed into the side of U-Haul truck in Queens. Queens, NY truck accident lawyers are not usually involved in cases like this but since it is truck related, they are interested.

The name of the second decedent was not released by authorities. He was riding in a southerly direction on Bayport Place when the accident occurred. Emergency workers rushed the victim to a nearby medical facility where medical professionals attempted to resuscitate him but failed. He was pronounced dead shortly after.

Autopsy expected to uncover cause behind recent fatal truck accident in New York

According to, Queens, NY truck accident lawyers eagerly await toxicology and autopsy reports in a fatal truck accident which will essentially reveal whether or not a truck driver was in fact under the influence of alcohol or some other intoxicating drugs when he caused a multiple vehicle fatal crash on Thruway in Ramapo on Friday last week.

Investigators have had to wait for these reports and have no other way of determining the cause of the accident since both the driver and the passenger of the truck that created the ruckus were both killed in the accident itself. Families of both sides can use to contract with a truck accident lawyer who knows the lay of the land.

Another possibility according to investigators is that the driver of the truck in question, 33 year old Rambaran Hemankumar suffered from some sort of disabling medical condition which caused him to suddenly lose control of the vehicle. As a result of the accident, the thruway had to be shut down for several hours between exits 15 and 14B.

Truck accident legislation in New York

Truck accidents are on the rise, and in many cases cause incapacitating injuries and death. These accidents have afflicted thousands and thousands of people in the recent years and continue to do so today. New York is no exception, especially Queens, New York. The area and its roads are subjected to hundreds of trucks operating every single day and this is why there is a site dedicated to this type of mayhem. You can find it by pressing this button.

The thing about truck accidents is that they turn out to be very serious in nature given the weight and size of some of the rigs. Truck operators and truck drivers are subjected to a special set of laws and legislation meant exclusively for the safe operations of these big vehicles. This is why it is very important for you or anyone you know that has been adversely affected by a truck accident to hire an experienced Queens, NY truck accident attorney that can help you receive damages that you rightly deserve.