Alabama state laws have an extensive section dedicated to trucking laws. These mandate safety operations, maintenance, driver fatigue, driver licensing requirements, service standards, loading and unloading techniques. Apart from state law, truck operators, and truck drivers are also subjected to federal laws in effect which were drafted and pushed by the FMSCA.

With so much regulation surrounding the trucking industry, one would think that it would be rather safe but somehow what transpires in reality on the public roads of Alabama is contradictory to that perception. Thousands of Alabama residents lose their lives in trucking accidents every year and their families are left devastated and torn apart.

Anyone suffering from such losses should get in touch with an experienced Birmingham, Alabama truck accident attorney and go ahead with filing a lawsuit to be compensated for their damages. Not sure on how to go about doing this? No worries, sometimes Christmas comes early. Here you go: Jonathan Gathings & Associates LLC know how to win cases and know a winning case when they see one. You pay nothing up front; you are paid when they are paid.

Moreover, even if your case does not go to litigation, a tremendous Alabama truck accident lawyer will still be able to negotiate with truck accident insurance adjustors and get you the kind of money you deserve.

Loss of Consortium Laws in Alabama

A lot of people are not familiar with the laws that govern damages in truck accident, auto accident, and personal injury lawsuits. It is wise to be up to be aware of these laws, especially considering that accidents can happen to anyone at any time.

Basically, Alabama allows for economic and non-economic damage compensation. Economic claims need to be backed up by legitimate paperwork and bills or estimations. Some of the losses that qualify as economic damages are loss of wages, damage to property (house or cars), loss of ability to work, loss in future and past earnings, medical expenses, legal fees, etc.

Non-economic damages are when people are compensated for damages that you cannot really put a price tag on. This includes loss of consortium, mental anguish, pain and suffering, etc. Your Birmingham, Alabama truck accident lawyer will help you figure all of this out.

Loss of consortium is when an accident leads to an injury of a married person and the non-injured spouse also becomes affected by the damages, Alabama state law recognizes this hardship and allows for the non-injured spouse to claim damages for a loss of consortium.

Personal Losses

Consortium can be anything ranging from companionship to sexual relationships. However, it is the responsibility of the non-injured spouse to prove and establish in a court of law that the damages or the injury placed upon the injured spouse has negatively impacted their marriage and relationship.

An experienced Birmingham AL truck accident lawyer or personal injury lawyer will be able to help on this front too. There are plenty of ways through which it can be proved that the non-injured spouse deserves compensation too. You can one of the best Alabama accident attorneys right here.

There is a Time Factor

The loss of consortium claim may be made in two ways. The claim can be an integral part of the civil lawsuit that the injured spouse files against the defendant or it can be filed separately by the non-injured spouse at a later date. Just make sure that it’s not too late otherwise the statute of limitations may expire.