A 12-year old girl has sustained serious life threatening injuries after being hit by a truck and had to be airlifted to a hospital. The accident occurred in the proximity of Frank Tejeda Middle School according to Mysanantonio.com.

Accident investigators are currently investigating the crash and trying to determine what exactly went wrong and are therefore attempting to hypothetically recreate the crash.

Sadly, the 12-year old is said to be in critical condition. However, her identity has not been released to the public for privacy concerns as authorities said they would want to inform her family first.

Bad driving

According to eye witness reports, the girl approached a road crossing near North Side on East Evans Road and began to cross the road. At this point, the driver of a Cadillac Escalade stopped to allow her to cross. However, a black Dodge Pick-up truck drove past the Cadillac and then tried to sway out of the girl’s way but hit the girl head on.

Girl chose to take away one of her senses

Witness reports also detail that the girl was wearing ear plugs and was listening to something on an electronic device and may have been distracted while crossing the road. Supposedly, no charges are going to be filed against the female driver of the Dodge Pick-up truck.

Truck accident kills 9-year old boy

As per a wfaa.com report, a 9-year old boy identified as Orlando Hernandez has passed away after being hit by a truck in a CVS Parking Lot on 700 W in Fort Worth.

According to police reports, the driver that struck the boy was distracted and using his cell phone at the time of the crash. However, authorities that have reviewed surveillance footage are refraining from filing charges against the driver and have deemed the fatality as an accident and not a crime.

Supposedly, the boy and his 29-year old mother, Daniela Hernandez had gone to the CVS store on Monday to purchase some refreshments and she was with him the whole time, apart from when he went to return the shopping cart to the store. He was struck by the truck after he had returned the cart and was making his way back to his mother’s vehicle.

Trucking accident legislation in Texas – the basics

An exponential rise in the number of trucks operating on the roads, highways, and interstates throughout Texas, has led to an increase in truck accidents involving small, moderate, and large trucks.

According to Texas truck accident attorneys, the laws surrounding trucking accidents are comprehensive and cover all aspects of trucking accidents. This includes fatigued truck drivers, impaired drivers, distracted drivers, trucking company hiring incompetent drivers negligently, unsafe load, trucking company allowed over worked drivers to continue driving, logbook entries legitimacy, and manufacturing or maintenance short-comings, to name a few.

Some people believe computers should be driving trucks; same money and time.

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