Cumberland County, PA- A collision between a tractor-trailer and a train earlier this afternoon is causing significant traffic delays, and will require a massive clean-up in Monroe Township.

The accident took place at the intersection of York Road and Creek at approximately 1:40 p.m. Friday afternoon. The York Daily Record reported that that tractor-trailer, carrying a large concrete beam was traveling southbound on York Road when the driver attempted to negotiate a curve at the Norfolk Southern railroad crossing when it was struck by a freight train.

“The arms went down, the train blew the whistle and then he hit,” witness Sheri Weary told the Patriot News. “I’ve never seen anything so violent happen so fast. … It was horrendous.”

Weary also told the paper that the train was “booking” it at the time of the accident and said the tractor-trailer was having trouble getting over the tracks.

Weary also said, “The train was going too fast,” for the truck to react. “The whistle blew and he was there.”

The impact of the crash caused the derailment of close to a dozen freight cars. Lt. Adam Kosheba, of the Pennsylvania State Police said there were no hazardous materials on the train so there is no danger to residents in the surrounding area.

Only the train conductor was injured and was treated at the scene. The tractor-trailer driver was shaken up but not injured.

The main concern for authorities at this time is cleaning up the wreckage, which they estimate could take 15 to 24 hours. Meanwhile traffic in the area will continued to be delayed on York Road.

Investigators are still trying to determine the exact cause of the accident.

This accident did not result in any serious injuries; though truck semi/tractor-trailer account for 5,000 traffic fatalities each year. In total, large tractor-trailers are involved in 500,000 accidents each year.

Truck accidents whether they involve injuries or deaths are costly, costing Americans approximately $20 billion a year in loss of life, roadway and property damage and increased insurance premiums. The average cost of a single commercial truck accident is $59,150.

The majority of truck accidents are caused by some sort of human errors such as excessive speed, distraction, or intoxication. Of those accidents, 75 percent are caused by drivers of smaller passenger vehicles, and not the fault of the truck driver.

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