Sometimes it’s the contents of a tractor-trailer, and not the vehicle itself, that pose a danger. The Decatur Daily has the story of a truck accident in Morgan County that became more than just a crash. Recently, a Sysco food truck carrying a full load of vegetable oil and frozen food was involved in a collision with another vehicle. After the accident, the contents of the trailer caught fire, causing problems for the cleanup effort.

While the truck driver was not injured, the driver of the other vehicle went to Huntsville Hospital with undisclosed injuries. His condition was not divulged.

The accident happened at about 4 am and blocked up the highway for almost 8 hours. After putting out the original fire and cleaning up the area, the truck was brought to a nearby garage for servicing. However, on route to the garage, the truck caught fire again, prompting another call to the fire department. Fire officials believe that the fires were caused by the oil in the trailer getting heated up by the hot truck.

It’s fortunate that after a collision and a fire, that only one person was injured and the damage was kept to a minimum, other than the burnt out truck. In Pakistan last month, a truck driver lost control of his truck and drove off the road. The damage caused fuel to leak out onto the ground. As a crowd of onlookers stood by, the gas ignited, and the explosion incinerated the truck and engulfed the crowd. All told, 153 people died, and many more were burned. Some people had burns over most of their bodies. Because of the devastation, the police are unsure what may have caused the fuel to ignite, although it may have been a cigarette that an onlooker was smoking. The tanker also had batteries that may have played a part. Unfortunately, the police were trying to keep people away from the wreck at the time it exploded, but they hadn’t fully secured the site and too many simply ignored their warnings.

While this accident happened in Pakistan, there’s no reason it couldn’t happen in Morgan County. Hundreds of trucks pass through every week, many of them carrying fuel just like the doomed tanker. While safety standards may be different in Pakistan, all it could potentially take is human error to place a lot of people in danger. Trucks account for a very large percentage of the accidents and fatalities on our roads. While they are vital to the economy, they can also pose a serious threat.

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident in Morgan County, whether it be through fire or an explosion, you may be eligible for compensation. Personal injury claims can be complicated, and investigating a crash is time-consuming and difficult. A qualified attorney with an experienced team that specializes in truck accidents can assess your claim and come up with a strategy to be successful.