Safety Tips to Help Keep You Safe When Renting a U-Haul Truck

Driving a U-Haul truck or any other type of large vehicle can be a difficult task to do, especially when you don’t have much experience with operating a truck. That is why you need to be sure you are aware of all the safety measures you can take in the event you are required to […]

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Tractor-Trailer Driver Falls Asleep While Driving on I-695 and Crashes into Tanker

Sleep deprivation is a serious issue among big rig drivers. Although there is a set number of hours that a truck driver can be behind the wheel during any given shift, still, drivers find themselves falling asleep or nodding off. In Baltimore, a crash recently occurred between a tractor-trailer and a tanker because the driver […]

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A Mother and Her Four Children Struck by Out-of-Control Pickup Driver in NY

All it takes is one minute of being reckless or inattentive while driving to change a person’s life. In one minute, you could swerve off of the roadway and hit a building, injuring several inside. In one minute, you could veer off the road and into another car carrying a newborn baby. The fact is, […]

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UPS Truck Drivers Share 5 Safety Tips on Ways Motorists Can Stay Safe While Driving

As we see more and more stores shutting their doors to consumers, we also witness FedEx and UPS trucks out delivering packages more frequently. Why? Well, many people have come to a point in their life where they would rather let an item get delivered to their doorstep rather than fight through the traffic and […]

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23 Vehicles Involved in a String of Accidents that Occurred Along I-80 in Utah

A string of accidents occurred yesterday on the westbound side of Interstate 80 at Echo Junction all stemming from an initial collision that involved 12 commercial vehicles and two passenger cars. The Utah Department of Transportation said that the multi-vehicle accident began around 7:30 a.m. and was caused by icy conditions. As a result of […]

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Video Camera Captures Semi-Truck Colliding with School Bus Carrying Special Needs Children in SC

Video footage emerged just a day ago showing a traumatic accident that occurred last week in Greenville County, SC involving a semi-truck and a school bus carrying special needs students from Sara Collins Elementary and Washington Center. It was around 3:20 p.m. on Tuesday when Tammy Cummings was driving down the road and witnessed a […]

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My Teen Driver Wants a Truck. Which Trucks Have Been Recognized as the Safest to Drive?

One of the milestones every teenager anxiously awaits to arrive is that time when they are finally permitted to drive. In the state of North Carolina, the legal age for a teen to begin driving is 15, however, they won’t actually receive their driver’s license until they complete 12 months of driving with a limited […]

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Driver Cuts Off Tractor Trailer Causing Truck to Crash and Spill 100 Gallons of Diesel on I-4

It is never a good idea to cut off a driver, especially when traveling on roadways that allow motorists to travel at increased rates of speed. Although this is common knowledge, many drivers continue to engage in this type of reckless behavior but fail to recognize the true dangers they expose themselves to when they […]

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18-Year-Old Killed in Accident Involving an 18-Wheeler in NC

A North Carolina teen from Bethel was recently killed in a crash that involved an 18-wheeler. According to WITN, the driver of the truck, Kelvin Dunn, 37, was slowing down to make a U-turn at the intersection of Memorial Drive and Staton House Road when 18-year-old Xzavier Blango failed to slow his vehicle down. As […]

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Charlotte, NC Driver Arrested for DWI After Slamming into Construction Crew Truck on I-485









A Charlotte man has been arrested for DWI after crashing into the back of a truck that belonged to a construction crew that was repairing the road on the inner loop of I-485 near Rocky River Road. WSOC TV reported on the collision that occurred just before midnight and highlighted that no one was hurt. […]

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