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5 Things Employers Can Do to Fight the Effects of Distracted Driving in the Commercial Trucking Industry






Although commercial truck drivers are required to inspect their vehicles before takeoff and have plenty of other rules they must abide before they are permitted to drive, that doesn’t mean they are putting their cell phones down and focusing solely on the roadway ahead of them. Let’s face it, distracted driving is a serious issue […]

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Truck Driver Causes Fatal Accident and Attempts to Have Vehicle Reported as Stolen






There is no doubt about it that people make mistakes. We tend to do things we don’t always intend to do and our mistakes sometimes affect others. But, when we make a mistake, it is important to accept responsibility for our behavior, whether we were negligent or it was unintentional, and reap the consequences for […]

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Husband Files Lawsuit Against UPS for a Truck Collision that Killed His Wife





Jim Berrigan lost his wife in a traumatic truck accident in Wyoming involving a UPS vehicle and now he is seeking justice for the wrongful death of his spouse.


Back in April, Jim and JoelAnne Berrigan, 65, were traveling on Interstate 80 just west of Cheyenne before an unexpected accident occurred. Jim was driving a […]

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North Lauderdale Fire Rescue Truck Rear-Ends Tow Truck While Transporting High-Priority Patient




When you’re traveling down the road and you hear the blaring siren coming up from behind, is your first instinct to move your vehicle out of the way so that the emergency responder can pass? If you said yes, then you are just like Michael Seiden who happened to be towing a vehicle down State […]

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What Should I Do if My Windshield was Hit by Flying Debris on I-69E/I-69C?




Have you ever driven on I-69C or I-69E and had a piece of debris hit your vehicle that fell from a commercial truck driving nearby? If so, you may be entitled to file a claim with the company who is responsible for operating the truck to collect the compensation for the damage done. But, you […]

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What Commercial Truck Driving is Like Through the Eyes of a Woman




Operating a massive commercial truck isn’t an easy job as it carries significant risk with the territory. While the trucking industry is predominately men, there are a few brave women out there who drive these trucks, and actually like it. In 2014, there were 3.4 million truck drivers out on the roads and only 5.8% […]

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Two Strange Truck Accidents in Texas, Three People Dead



It was January 29th when 43-year-old Bobby Bibbles, a resident of Saginaw, Texas, was conducting a transaction at a stand-alone ATM near North Saginaw Boulevard. While sitting at the ATM has never really been dangerous aside from someone trying to steal your money, this recent accident may have you on the lookout the next time […]

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5 Interstate Driving Tips Commercial Truckers Should Consider


Interstates make traveling in Texas much easier on drivers as these roadways help shorten travel time. Highways saw approximately 2.95 trillion miles of traffic in 2011 alone and it is likely that the number has increased in the last few years. With Texas being recognized as a state with one of the highest populations in […]

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The Risks Associated with Trying to Save Time on Your Commute


While most drivers would agree that they would much rather save a few extra minutes in their travel time than having a longer commute, the fact is, when we try to accomplish this, we often put ourselves and others at risk. Trying to save time generally means you are speeding or swerving in and around […]

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RV and Tractor Trailer Collide in Green Valley, Arizona Causing Interstate 19 to Close


A major accident involving an RV and a tractor-trailer occurred on I-19 in Green Valley, AZ causing major delays on the roadway . The accident occurred around 10:50 a.m. near milepost 41 and took officials over an hour to get traffic back flowing again. While the news source didn’t report whether anyone […]

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