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How to Prepare for Your Thanksgiving Road Trip

Thanksgiving is a time when families come together and reflect on all the wonderful things they have as well as the people in their life. It is a time where many are traveling long distances just to connect with relatives living farther away. If you are planning on traveling this Thanksgiving, while food, fun, and […]

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Volusia County Finally Settles Case Stemming from a Truck Accident that Killed a Mother and Her Baby


Back in 2014, a mother and her 10-week old were headed east on State Road 40 near Barberville when the unexpected occurred. Victoria Angelique Potter, 21, the mother driving the vehicle, was on her way to a new job at a daycare where her newborn would receive free childcare. Unfortunately, they never made it to […]

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Dump Truck in Boston Hits and Kills Bicyclist


On November 4th, a cyclist was killed in the East Cottage Street area around 1:50 p.m. when a dump truck struck the biker. While the driver of the truck remained on scene and cooperated with police, the reason for the accident has yet to be announced. According to the Boston Herald, no charges were filed […]

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Two Vehicles Collide into a Firetruck that was Dispatched to the Scene of an Accident

It was 7:30 a.m. when a Mobile County firefighter was dispatched to Lott Road near Jack Williams Road where an accident had transpired involving three vehicles. The damage and injuries were reported as minor, however, the degree of the accident escalated when the first responder arrived. According to Fox 10 News, only five minutes had […]

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Trucker in NYC Plows into Pedestrians and Bicyclists: Was it an Act of Terrorism?


Just hours ago, the New York Post and Metro reported an incident that transpired in New York City that is said to be an act of terrorism. According to the news source sites, a truck driver operating a white Home Depot rental pick-up truck veered onto a bike path at West Street, only a few […]

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How Can Commercial Trucking Laws Affect an Accident Claim?

There are certain laws commercial truckers must follow and specific federal regulations their employers must abide by, and for good reason. Many commercial vehicles such as semi-trucks and tractor trailers carry heavy loads of cargo, not to mention the thousands of pounds the trucks themselves weigh. That means the accidents that involve these types of […]

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How Can I Prevent a Rear-End Accident?


One of the most talked about devices that is expected to help prevent a rear-end accident from occurring is a collision avoidance system. A collision avoidance system is a something that is placed in your vehicle and expected to reduce the severity of a collision if not prevent it by forewarning you that an accident […]

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What are the Top Contributing Factors that Cause Commercial Truck Accidents?


If you haven’t taken notice to the conditions of our roadways yet, it is safe to say danger is lurking everywhere. While a driver used to have to be attentive and alert because of other distracted or careless motorists, now, cell phones have increased this risk tremendously. There are many truck drivers out on the […]

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In What Ways do Truckers and Motorists Contribute to Roadway Accidents?

Truckers and those motorists involved in accidents with semi-trucks both run the risk of sustaining serious injuries after a crash. Truck accident lawyers in Albuquerque have witnessed this time and time again as these accident victims come forward for help with their claims. While statistics have revealed that truckers cause some of these accidents, and […]

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Filing a Claim Against a Commercial Truck Company

Did you know that over 5 million commercial vehicle accidents occur annually according to trustedchoice.com? The fact is, commercial trucks play a major role in our economic system and most businesses rely heavily on them to transport goods to store locations and consumers. But, with truckers spending a large portion of their time on the […]

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