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Central New York Tractor-Trailer Crash Leaves One with Life-Threatening Injury

Syracuse, NY-A late-night crash involving a semi and pickup truck on the New York Thruway left an Onondaga County man with life-threatening injuries Wednesday and forced the closure of all but one lane of the interstate for hours.

The accident occurred around 11:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 7, 2018, in the westbound lanes when a tractor-trailer […]

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Dump Truck Strikes Ten Cars Near San Francisco After Possible Brake Failure

San Francisco, CA- Commercial trucking wrecks occur for various reasons. While most are attributed to driver error on behalf of a passenger vehicle motorist or truck driver, some truck accidents are the fault of brake failure. That may be a factor in a fiery crash in San Francisco Monday that involved a fully loaded dump […]

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Fatal Fiery Truck Crash in Pennsylvania Under Investigation, Driver Dead

Philadelphia, PA-Truck accidents can be deadly, and in most cases, the person or persons killed are occupants of passenger vehicles. That isn’t to say that truck drivers aren’t vulnerable too. Driving a truck is a dangerous occupation and remains one of the deadliest in the U.S. with traffic accidents being the primary contributor. A very […]

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Two Truckers Killed in Head-On Crash in Oregon

Lane County, OR-A commercial trucking accident is one of the worst types of traffic collisions to be in because trucks are so large and heavy. There are even worse outcomes when a large truck hits a vehicle head-on. Many accident victims suffer deadly or debilitating injuries when a truck crash involves front-end impact. The fatal […]

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Ohio House Severely Damaged in Collision Involving a Semi and Flatbed

Columbus, OH-A large number of commercial trucking accidents in the U.S. involve deaths or injuries. According to the latest data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 88,000 trucking accidents resulted in injuries and over 4,000 were fatal. Statistics for fatal and injurious crashes are high, but they pale in comparison to the 300,000 property-damage-only […]

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One Killed and Three Injured in Massachusetts 18-Wheeler Crash

Boston, MA- Trucking crashes involve a lot of force because commercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 lbs. or more and are significantly larger than passenger vehicles. Not matter where the area of impact is, front, rear or side, a trucking accident can have deadly consequences for truck drivers as weekend accident in Massachusetts

Truck Driver […]

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Truck Driver Charged with Deadly 2017 Crash That Killed North Carolina Family

Wilmington, NC- The commercial trucking industry moves 70 percent of freight in the U.S., according to the American Trucking Association, so trucking accidents are unavoidable. Over 4,000 of those crashes end up being deadly, and often truckers face criminal charges for their careless or reckless actions like the driver accused of a 2017 collision that […]

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Semi Litters Junked Cars Across Chicago Freeway Injuring One

Chicago, IL- It only takes an instant for a truck accident to occur on one of Chicago’s busy and crowded highways. A truck driver’s mistake can set in motion a destructive truck wreck that creates a traffic nightmare for commuters. In an early January accident, a minor collision between a semi and a disabled car […]

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Truck Carrying Molasses Creates Sticky Situation on New Orleans Interstate

New Orleans, LA- Semis and tankers transport most consumer goods in the U.S. and sometimes those trucks are involved in traffic accidents. An accident involving a fully loaded commercial vehicle can create a big mess for commuters, cleanup crews, and police. Take for example a truck crash in New Orleans earlier this week which closed […]

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Truck Driver Hit SUV on Oregon Highway Before Going Down Ravine

Lane County, OR- When operating passenger vehicle or large truck, even the smallest mistake can have disastrous results. A minor lane deviation or glancing away from the road for just a moment set an accident in motion. A recent semi accident in Oregon is an example of how a small error behind the wheel can […]

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