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Trucker Charged with DWI for Rollover Truck Wreck in New York

Syracuse, NY- Driving a tractor-trailer is tough work. Truck drivers spend long hours on the road and need something to help them break up the monotony. Some truckers turn on the radio, but some drivers turn to drugs or alcohol to entertain themselves while crisscrossing the country. Drugged driving is not a widespread issue in […]

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You Need to Know the Risks of Driving Behind a Tractor-Trailer

Flagler, FL- Typically, when we think of truck accidents, we think of them running into other cars. While that happens often enough, there are many deadly or injurious trucking accidents caused by motorists rear-ending large trucks.

Rear-End Truck Crashes

When sharing the road with a tractor-trailer, motorists need to drive with caution. Tailgating is one activity […]

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Jackknifed Tanker Causes Fuel Spill, Traffic Back-Up on I-95

West Palm Beach, FL- A Tuesday crash involving a jackknifed tractor-trailer turned the morning commute into a nightmare on I-95 in West Palm Beach as crews worked to clean up a fuel spill. It took several hours for the scene to be cleared, allowing traffic to begin moving again.

Jackknifed Tractor-Trailer Spills Over Hundred Gallons of […]

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Florida Family Awarded $45 Million for Deadly Tractor-Trailer Accident

Palm Beach, FL-A Florida jury determined that a West Palm Beach construction company’s negligence led to a horrific tractor-trailer accident that left two people dead in 2015 and awarded one of the victim’s surviving family $45 million in wrongful death compensation.

Construction Company Faulted for 2015 Pembroke Pines Crash

After a three-week trial which concluded October […]

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Bad Brakes Lead to Over a Thousand Out-of-Service Violations During Safety Initiative

Mobile, AL- The average commercial truck weighs can weigh up to 80,000 lbs., so it is critical these large vehicles have properly working brakes. But not all large trucks on the roads in Mobile or around the country have fully functioning brakes. In a recent trucking safety initiative, inspectors in Canada and the U.S. found […]

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Truck Driver Admits to Drinking Before Crash in Delaware

Newport, DE-A truck driver who caused a fiery truck crash on I-295 in Delaware admitted to drinking prior to crashing into a jersey barrier and shutting down the interstate for several hours.

Truck Driver Says He Drank Several Beers Before Delaware Crash

The truck driver who caused a fiery crash on I-295 in Newport on October […]

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Two Nebraska Men Killed in Accident with Concrete Truck

Omaha, NE-There are approximately 15,000 rollover truck accidents occur in the U.S. every year, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Administration.  While rollovers only represent a small fraction of the 120,000 truck crashes reported annually, these crashes tend to be more destructive and deadly than non-rollover crashes. A recent accident in Nebraska is a tragic […]

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What Scares Motorists About Commercial Trucks? Orlando Trucking Accident Attorney Explains

Orlando, FL- Semi-trucks, tankers, log trucks and other large commercial vehicles intimidate motorist. Some may be perfectly fine cruising beside big rig, but many passenger vehicle motorists aren’t comfortable around them. In a recent survey, AAA found that a majority of drivers are afraid of large commercial trucks.

Why Are Motorists Afraid of Big Trucks?

The […]

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Trucking Alliance Adopts AAA Trucking Safety Recommendations

Austin, TX-One of the nation’s leading supporters and advocates for trucking safety, the Trucking Alliance, announced this week they would adopt recommendations from the American Automobile Association to increase protections for truck drivers and motorists.

Trucking Alliance Adapts AAA Recommended Safety Rules

The Alliance for Driver Safety & Security or the Trucking Alliance which it’s commonly […]

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Truck Driver Killed in Rollover Accident in Wyoming

Albany County, WY- A commercial truck, whether it’s a semi-truck, tanker, auto carrier or other large truck, can weigh up to 80,000 lbs. or more.  Their extreme weight combined with speed can turn a large truck into a deadly machine under the wrong circumstances. That’s the lesson that can be gleaned from a truck wreck […]

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