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Who Might Be Liable for Damages After a Truck Accident?

Some personal injury cases are open and shut: There is one liable party, one victim, and plenty of evidence to prove liability and damages. But in the vast majority of cases, there are plenty of opportunities for a dispute to arise. This is especially true when multiple parties could be liable for damages, which often happens in truck accident cases. […]

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A Drunk NY Driver Plows into Two State Troopers and Two Tow Truck Drivers Sending Three to the Hospital

A New York resident is facing multiple charges after he caused a major accident involving two New York State Patrol troopers and two tow truck drivers. Christopher Neuman,26, the man liable for the accident, has been detained and is currently waiting to be arraigned.


New York Upstate covered the story and reported that a car had […]

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Fatal Crash in Cleveland Highlights Hazards of Truck Accidents for Pedestrians

Cleveland, OH- Pedestrians are often invisible to motorists even during the day, and sidewalks aren’t always safer. Most fatal pedestrian crashes are caused by drivers of passenger vehicles, about 90 percent, but large trucks do pose a risk to pedestrians.  A recent crash in Cleveland highlights the hazards large trucks can pose for pedestrians.

Utility Truck […]

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Tractor-Trailer Driver Flees Scene of Fatal Washington State Crash

Seattle, WA- The American Automobile Association estimates that hit-and-run drivers are responsible for 1,500 traffic fatalities annually, and represent 11 percent of crashes reported to police. Hit-and-runs are more common among passenger vehicle motorists, but there are instances where the fleeing party is in an 18-wheeler.

Washington State Woman Killed in Multi-Vehicle Crash, Truck Driver Flees […]

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Triple Tractor-Trailer Causes Fatal Idaho Crash

Boise, ID- The more massive a tractor-trailer, the longer it takes to stop. That’s a fact, one that some truck drivers forget, endangering the lives of other motorists. A recent triple tractor-trailer crash in Idaho is an example of the dangers posed by larger, heavier commercial vehicles.

West Idaho Tractor-Trailer Crash Leaves One Dead

The accident occurred […]

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Woman Killed in Head-on Log Truck Crash in Spokane Area Work Zone

Spokane, WA- Work zones are often a hazard for passenger vehicle motorists, truck drivers, and road workers. Drivers get confused; they don’t pay attention to traffic patterns and drive too fast. A crash that occurred in mid-September and involved two passenger vehicles and a log truck is an example of how dangerous work zone crashes […]

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Pedestrian Struck By 18-Wheeler in New Orleans Area

New Orleans, LA- Driving at night has risks whether you are driving a car or an 18-wheeler. Minimal lighting makes it difficult to see in some areas, and driver’s easily get drowsy. Truck drivers, motorists, and pedestrians need to take extra precautions at night otherwise they could be involved in traffic accident.

Pedestrian Killed in New […]

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Can Federal Grants Reduce Tractor-Trailer Accidents in Mississippi?

Gulfport, MS- The state of Mississippi will receive $1.08 million in grants to help reduce fatal commercial truck accidents. Sen. Thad Cochran announced (R-Miss.) the Mississippi Department of Public Safety will be receiving two grants to ensure stricter enforcement of trucking safety laws and improve the state’s commercial driver’s license (CDL) system.

Mississippi to Receive Two […]

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New Orleans Man Hurt in Dump Truck Accident

New Orleans, LA- Construction sites can be dangerous places for a number of reasons. There are often a lot of people and trucks coming and going and equipment being moved around. With all that activity, a truck accident can occur at any time and person can suffer catastrophic injuries.

Worker Seriously Injured in Dump Truck Accident […]

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Two Dead in Arkansas Crash Involving Three Tractor-Trailers

Little Rock, AR- Driver error causes most car and commercial truck accidents in Arkansas and the U.S. overall. Truck drivers and motorists make plenty of mistakes, but a typical bad habit among both groups is tailgating. It’d dangerous for anyone to tailgate, but the consequences can be far worse when a large and heavy truck […]

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