Most Common Ways Drivers Get into Fatal Semi Truck Accidents in New York

Long Island, NY – Due to the mere size of semi trucks, it is no wonder that getting into a collision with one most often results in injuries and worse – fatalities.

According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, almost 4,000 people were killed in truck accidents in 2015 alone. Regardless of whether or not […]

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Florida Truck Accident Shuts Down Bridge for Over Seven Hours

Marion, FL – This Thursday morning, a truck accident involving a concrete barrier shut down a bridge for over seven hours near Marion, Florida.

The Citrus County Chronicle reports that an all-wheel excavator truck veered into a concrete barrier wall this past Thursday at about 9:20 a.m., causing both the Halls River Bridge to shut down […]

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Couple Having Car Trouble Hit by 18-Wheeler in Dallas Truck Accident

Dallas, TX – A couple who had pulled over due to car trouble ended up getting hit by an 18-wheeler in Dallas.

Fox 4 News reports that while a couple recently was trying to move their broken-down car to the side of Interstate 45 in Dallas, they were seriously injured by a passing 18-wheeler.

Problems initially began […]

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Ohio Driver Causes Truck Accident after Overdosing on Heroin While Behind the Wheel

Cincinnati, OH – This past Friday a truck driver shut down an entire interstate in Cincinnati after shooting up heroin and overdosing.

The Daily Caller reports that Scotty Kinmon, age 28, was driving a semi-truck when he decided to shoot up heroin, causing him to pass out while behind the wheel. The truck then drifted across […]

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Boston Driver Backs Up Over Coworker in Fatal Truck Accident

Boston, MA – A flatbed truck driver backed over his coworker in a recent fatal truck accident.

Police responded to a 911 call at 3:30 p.m. that reported a pedestrian who had been hit by a truck. According to, a tragic truck accident occurred just outside of Boston when a driver accidentally backed over his […]

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Hidden Injury Risk with Trucks: Asbestos Brakes

DALLAS, Texas. We think of asbestos as lining the walls of ancient buildings, not as something that might be lining the brakes and clutches of our cars. But, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, some vehicle brakes and clutches may contain asbestos. While newer cars have eliminated the use of asbestos, older cars […]

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Fiery Truck Accident in Kansas City Captured on Video

Kansas City, MO – Earlier this Thursday the westbound lanes on Interstate 435 were reopened after crews repaired damage from a fiery truck accident.

The Kansas City Star reports that Overland Park Police Chief, Frank Donchez, tweeted a video this past week of a semi truck heading west on I-435 in Kansas City before smashing into […]

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5 Die in Accident Near Cheyenne, Wyoming

Last June, 5 people died in a fiery crash at milepost 28.5 on WY 789. Two vehicles collided head-on, and when emergency services arrived, both vehicles were on fire, according to KGWN. Traveling northbound was a 2010 Nissan Armada, with four people inside. For reasons currently being investigated, the Armada drifted across the center line […]

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Two Children Die in Indiana Truck Accident

Several motorists pulled over and did their best to rescue two children on Interstate 70, recently. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful, the Dayton Daily News reports. Finley,1, and Brennen, 5, Bereda were travelling with their 33-year-old mother, Christina Bereda, and their sibling Jordan, who’s three, when they were rear-ended by a tractor trailer that came up […]

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Weird Truck Accident Spills in and Around Portland

Truck accidents can be extremely dangerous, deadly and damaging. Their size and the difficulty in maneuvering make for a scary combination. Sometimes though, truck accidents can be pretty funny, especially when something silly spills out of the trailer. It might not seem so funny at the time for the drivers who are trying to get […]

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