Pennsylvania State Trooper Killed by Truck Accident

Pittsburgh, PA – A Pennsylvania State Trooper has died from injuries he sustained from a recent truck accident.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently reported that two Pennsylvania State Troopers were involved in a deadly collision with a garbage truck.

On the night of the truck accident, Pennsylvania State Troopers finished their work on a crash on Route 711, […]

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Las Vegas Truck Accident Ends in Death

Las Vegas, NV – A recent truck accident in Las Vegas involving a police car, a stolen pickup truck, and two other vehicles ended in one fatality.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, a woman driving a stolen pickup truck crashed into a patrol car off of Fort Apache Road and Sahara Avenue. The officer was […]

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Rear-End Crash Involving Semi Ties up Nebraska Highway

North Platte, NE- Driving a commercial truck takes skill and drivers need to make safety their main priority. Unfortunately, some truck drivers have a lapse in judgment and take actions that put themselves and other motorists in danger such as following too closely.

Tractor-trailer Was Following Too Closely

KNOP News 2 reports that on July 11, […]

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One Person Injured in Two-Semi Wreck in Kentucky

Bowling Green, KY-  A recent accident involving two semi-trucks in Kentucky left one truck driver with serious injuries and closed an interstate closed for several hours. The accident is an example of the risks truck drivers face every day they’re on the road.

Truck Driver Injured in Two-Semi Crash

The accident occurred on Interstate 24 in […]

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When Bikers and Large Buses Share the Road, Tragedy Can Occur

PALM SPRINGS, California. It’s summer, and with summer, we see increasing numbers of tour buses in cities across the country. While these buses keep traffic congestion down, they can also pose a risk to city pedestrians, bikers, and drivers. A recent accident in New York highlights the risk bikers, in particular, face. To make matters […]

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Suffering from Back Pain After an Accident? Choose Your Treatment Options Wisely

PALM SPRINGS, California. According to a report on Men’s Health, back pain can linger after a car crash. Even if your injuries after an accident were minor, or if you were released from the emergency room with no apparent injuries, it is still possible to suffer from back pain long after an accident takes place. […]

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Outreach Program Teaches Motorists How to Share the Road with Commercial Trucks

Boston, MA- The Fourth of July is right around the corner and summer is gearing up, so there will be an uptick in traffic in Boston, forcing more passenger vehicles, tractor trailers and buses to share the road. That is why the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration launched a new outreach program to teach motorists […]

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Las Vegas Bicyclist Dies in Crash with Dump Truck

Las Vegas, NV- A Las Vegas cyclists is dead after being in a collision with a dump truck earlier this month.

Deadly Bike vs. Dump Truck Accident

A crash between a bicycle and a dump truck on Monday, June 5, 2017, left a 49-year-old man dead. 3 News in Las Vegas reports that the accident occurred […]

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U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Electronic Log Challenge

Palm Springs, CA- A legal challenge to a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rule requiring truck drivers to use electronic logging devices (ELD) hit a roadblock this month after the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the case. The ruling leaves the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) with few options to stop the rule from […]

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What Are My Rights as a Mississippi Truck Accident Victim?

Biloxi, MS- Commercial truck accidents are not as common as car accidents, but when one occurs, the results can be devastating for the victims. A person injured in truck accidents face thousands in medical expenses and other accident costs, so they need to know their rights and understand some of the challenges if they file […]

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