Filing a Claim Against a Commercial Truck Company

Did you know that over 5 million commercial vehicle accidents occur annually according to The fact is, commercial trucks play a major role in our economic system and most businesses rely heavily on them to transport goods to store locations and consumers. But, with truckers spending a large portion of their time on the […]

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Avoiding a Truck Accident on Texas Highways

Already involved in a crash? The Austin, Texas truck crash attorneys at the Luke Dow Law Firm are ready to assist you with your claim.

With a population of approximately 885,400 people and numerous highways available for use, it is no secret that the Texas roadways become rather busy at times. Busy roadways not only lead […]

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Why Mississippi’s “Move Over” Law is Imperative to Road Safety

(Gulfport, Mississippi) – February 13th, 2017: Video footage showing a near miss of what could have been a deadly, catastrophic truck accident, as reported by, bears testimony as to why the Move Over law in effect in the state of Mississippi is important and how it saves lives.


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How to Handle a Truck Accident

Truck drivers are prepped and prepared to maneuver massive vehicles carrying loads and loads of cargo. They are trained on how to operate their vehicle, where to take it, and the procedures necessary to check in cargo being transported. Just as truckers are trained in all areas of the job, they also need to be […]

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One Dead in Hit and Run Truck Accident on Interstate 81

A hit and run crash which occurred on Interstate 81 in the proximity of Mechanicsburg last week resulted in the death of a man from the Bronx, New York. The auto accident occurred in Silver Spring Township, as reported by


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Top 7 Items Truck Drivers Need to Have in Their Emergency Kits

Truck drivers often find themselves out on the open road, no matter what weather condition is present. Rain, snow, or sunshine, you can bet that a commercial trucker is out heading to another city or state as they have deadlines set to get to their required destinations. But, with the hazardous winter conditions that have […]

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FAQs About Putnam County, New York Truck Accidents

Truck accident lawyer in Putnam County, NY discusses frequently asked questions

Putnam County, NY-  An accident with a commercial truck can dramatically change the course of a victim’s life. The road to recovery can be long, costly and challenging, leaving the victims wondering how they are going pay their medical bills and what rights they have […]

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Woman Rescued from Fiery Crash by Police Officer and Firefighter

A law enforcement officer and a firefighter worked selflessly together and showed great valor to rescue a woman from the fiery remains of a multiple vehicle accident. As reported by ABC, the law enforcement officer belongs to the Suffolk County police department while the firefighter is from the Elmont fire division.


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FedEx Truck Split in Two by Utah Commuter Train Which Rammed into It

As reported by, investigators believe it is miraculous that no one was seriously hurt in a horrific accident between a FedEx truck and a Utah commuter train which occurred over the past weekend.


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Massive Changes are Underway for the Trucking Industry

Have you taken a moment to consider how much of a necessity truck driver’s are to our society? If you think about all of the store-bought products you buy on a consistent basis, then consider how all of that managed to get into the store you shop at. Commercial truck drivers are necessary to have […]

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