Driver Speeds Through Red Light and Crashes into Pepsi Truck in Cleveland

Speeding seems to be a factor in many of the accidents that transpire on our roadways today. Did you know that in 2016, speeding killed 10,111 people ? Just a few days back, speeding may have been one of the causes of a fatal truck accident that occurred in Cleveland […]

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Bicyclist Falls onto Atlantic Boulevard in Jacksonville and is Hit by Tow Truck






Riding a bicycle on or near a roadway is risky these days. You have to watch out for distracted and inattentive drivers while still being able to keep your bicycle upright without falling or hitting any potential bumps that could cause you to topple over. Unfortunately, for one bicyclist, we see just how dangerous it […]

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Judge Permits Truck Operator to Continue Driving After Colliding into Car and Killing Motorist in Elmo City, MN






A Wisconsin truck driver has been charged with criminal vehicular homicide for causing a fatal accident in Elmo City, MN yet the judge handling the case still permitted the man to continue driving while out on bail. According to Twin Cities, 28-year-old Samuel Hicks was looking down at his cell phone for approximately eight seconds […]

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Semi-Truck Spills 200 Gallons of Fuel on I-10 Near Orlando After Motorist Cuts Off Driver







Last week, a semi-truck accident occurred on I-4 about 30 minutes away from Orlando, FL that caused the interstate to close for several hours. Although no one sustained any serious injuries, the aftermath of the accident is what left the roadway unsafe to drive on.


Here’s the full story.


According to the Orlando Sentinel, Frank Esperon, 52, […]

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Train and Truck Collide Near Wrightwood Station in Chicago







Accidents involving trains and large trucks have become an issue as of recently as it appears they are occurring more frequently. Just this past Friday, yet another incident took place that involved both a train and a truck. The Chicago Tribune reported that the 807 train operating on the Metra Southwest Service line hit a […]

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Semi-Truck Driver Runs red Light in Sioux Falls and Crashes into Building






A driver of a semi-truck may be recognized for his negligent behavior after crashing his truck into the side of a business in Sioux Falls, SD. The accident occurred around 7:45 a.m. near the intersection of Cliff Avenue and North 54th Street. The trucker was first headed east on 54th Street when he failed to […]

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What Exciting Events are Occurring in Daytona, FL that Me and My Family Can Attend?






If you live in Daytona, FL or are planning on heading down to the sunshine state for Spring Break, be prepared as there are many fun festivities that are going to be occurring over the course of the next few weeks. If you haven’t heard about them or are looking for more information on these […]

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A Drunk NY Driver Plows into Two State Troopers and Two Tow Truck Drivers Sending Three to the Hospital

A New York resident is facing multiple charges after he caused a major accident involving two New York State Patrol troopers and two tow truck drivers. Christopher Neuman,26, the man liable for the accident, has been detained and is currently waiting to be arraigned.


New York Upstate covered the story and reported that a car had […]

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Concrete Truck Careens Over Center Divider on I-10 in Rialto Causing Fatal Accident that Killed 5







The Los Angeles Times recently reported that a major truck accident occurred in Rialto on the 10 Freeway that left several dead and others injured. A concrete truck had been traveling west on the freeway when it careened through the center divider of the road and into multiple vehicles. The truck hit a smaller truck […]

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Visitors from Russia Collide Head-On with Garbage Truck in Connecticut






Forty-one-year-old Tatiana Vedentsova was traveling as a passenger in a vehicle being driven by Pavel Kovalchuk, 33, in Windsor, CT in early February for a business trip. The two had entered the U.S. from Moscow, Russia and were driving on Route 305 just before their vehicle collided head-on with a garbage truck. The accident occurred […]

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